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16 Cassette Tapes

So I recovered 7 of the supposed 16 tapes I made in the 1990s. Thanks John Fenn. The first one I listened to pretty much sucked but the next 2 were surprisingly nice. Funny to be a listener to your own stuff and know it, but not know it.

I know I have a box with all the masters somewhere. Somewhere.


I went to Idaho and took a lot of stupid pictures.

Mostly this is the thrift store crap that I either avoid buying by taking a picture, or I was fool enough to buy it. Of course a lot of crappy LPs. And a few other things. And the car I went to buy. And I did. And I drove 1800 miles in under 4 days. And video (the dog) was so very patient with it all. What a babe!60s Sewn Fan Shirt Alleykats Auctioneer Big-eyed thrift store paintings Billboard on 5 Blue Eyed Fool Camaro Portland Dog Attack Drink Drink Drink '80s Drug Addicts and Gang Members Factory 1 Factory 2 Fantasic Cover - Usual Country Crap Ferko String Band God fearers Happy Family He Likes Grass High Fashions Honda Portland See-See I feel ya I just dont get it I Wish It Was Japanese Christians in Sync Jimmy Castor Rules Joker Kenny G - woah Possessed Kitty Bag Reason To Like Golf Right Up Dan's Alley Secrets of Life - Drive A Limo Stuffed Hose to Resemble Potatoes in a Chicken Basket The Browns Seem To Like Whites in "Our Country" The Fucking Moms and Pops The Height of Something The LIght The Road LIght This is my Child This is My Valiant Those Eyes Train Twice as Horrifying Video 1 Wait, you are super cutewet


I found old music files from the 1990s. The back cover of the CD from Serious Records, the super goofy pictures I took for it, and my very last cassette tape song list, which was #16. I wish I could find that, along with the other #15 cassettes.