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Vira Thornhill – Richness Rock

Vira Thornhill Casette

01 Superstar Intro

02 I Love Money

03 The Richness Rock

04 Stick It Out for Love

05 At Grandmas House

06 Pepsi Guy

07 Money in My Pocket

08 Lonely Days

09 Candid Interview

10 Lonely Days Explained

11 The Other Side of the Tape



the donut

the cd donut

this was actually a cd, my cd, that diana froley put out on her serious records in the ’90s. thanks diana.

i went to the burger-donut shop next to us in emeryville and bought a maple donut and asked for extra sprinkles and i made this. i am sure that donut shop is now generic condos or something.

today i finished an album for vinyl. so that’s exciting.

Teenage Horses. Just think “The Black Stallion”